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Looking for funding? We're your supportive, global, community of women entrepreneurs.

Looking for Funding?

Supportive, nurturing community, priority access—global funding insights, events and mentorship. 

Build your business skills with our exclusive content network, and live member chats. Fill your heart with amazing sisterhood and life-long friendships.

We're kind of like one warm, supportive family.

Being a woman entrepreneur isn’t easy. But you don’t have to go about this journey alone. The InvestHer Community is a close-knit family of female founders, entrepreneurs, mentors, and warm hearted women across the globe. Together, we come together for one greater purpose: To get female founded businesses—funded faster.

A proven mentor for your funding journey.

It’s natural for funding to feel like a marathon rather than a 100 meter sprint. We can’t promise a funding fast-track and one-stop solutions, but we can help you cut down on future failures due to lack of experience, skills, and insights. You’ll learn from women who have scaled the mountains you’re trying to climb. Many of our members have passed the pre-seed stage and have built a company, and actively share their personal experience (successes and failures).

New to funding? We are your guide. Our goal is to help you master the funding game and get investor ready. Take the leap and begin. Chart your business goals, define the purpose behind your enterprise, and start mingling with members and mentors. Our family of funding sisters are in this together.

Get your funding questions answered.

The InvestHer Community is a safe space for women to ask the knitty gritty about funding— and get honest perspectives.

Home to hundreds of funding sisters in the community—connection is our greatest form of capital. Our Weekly Member Chats are filled with warmth and the gift of shared experiences. You’ll discover insights from women entrepreneurs working tirelessly to get funding. You’ll even share lighthearted moments that bring meaning to your own journey.

—How to get funding 

—How to develop a compelling pitch

—How to handle difficult investors and tough objections

—How to shake self-doubt and overcome limiting beliefs

Explore the community benefits.

Having a community is so important. Even, life- changing. It’s reassuring to have someone you can always turn to. Someone who will encourage you to keep at it. Even, if you’re not ready to believe in the special things that you’re capable of.

Tap into the power of the sisterhood and more with our InvestHer Community:
  • Quarterly private webinars with global investors (who invest in women entrepreneurs)
  • Peer coaching with bi-monthly ‘Hot Seats’ events
  • Connect with hundreds of women entrepreneurs from over 40 countries
  • Weekly member chats, where members actively support each other and their businesses
  • Curated funding and startup events — with a female founder focus
  • Latest funds, pitch competitions,
 grants and funding news — sent exclusively to you

Ready to invest in yourself? They were too.

Together, we can go anywhere. Welcome to the sisterhood.

The InvestHer Community was born to support women entrepreneurs. We are inspired by the feeling of deep connection. And we believe in the putting the fun in funding. We’re ready to grow our community into a world filled with more female business. Care to join?

A message from our CEO & Founder, Anne Ravanona

Global Invest Her is a brand of sisterhood and connection. We believe in the world- changing potential of women-owned businesses, and the transformative power of female-friendly investors. Our community guides us because—together—we believe that dreams turn to progress.